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On January the 16th of 2020, the conservative mayor of the speaker’s hometown in France is revealed to be cumulating a record four different positions in various administrative bodies, prompting a whisper among voters: how can he be everywhere at once? On the 24th, the first case of Coronavirus is confirmed on the national territory. Two months later, restaurants and bars close down. Despite the virus, the council elections are maintained: the mayor is reelected with only 33.66% of the votes cast. As the pandemic unfolds, political and social life in France has seen several episodes highlighting failures of the democratic system: how the powerful and the privileged seem to be granted a volatile and ubiquitous nature, all the while demanding from the general population to stay put and be consistent in its duty, under a pretend state of war. Starting from the consequences of the pandemic on a local level, the talk takes a dramaturge’s perspective on the mechanisms currently at work to reproduce and further intersecting oppressions in France.

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