City of Lights Online Slot Rating and Review

If you have ever gone to Paris, you are aware of how magnificent the city really is. If you’re looking for an experience of a lifetime, Paris is the place to be. There are a lot of beautiful settings in the city where you might perhaps propose to someone. The City of Lights slot machine was designed by High 5 Games, and its theme revolves on a romantic proposal that takes place in Paris.

There are 30 paylines in City of Lights, although none of them are fixed. Its romantic theme is supplemented by amazing symbol design and rewarding elements, both of which are included in the game. In terms of the gameplay, you will profit from the inclusion of the bonus games as well as the splitting symbols. You’ll be pleased to learn that City of Lights can be played on desktop computers as well as mobile devices. This enables you to enjoy the game anytime you want, whenever you want, at the very finest online casinos.

How to Play the Online Slot Machine City of Lights

Every mobile and desktop device is compatible with City of Lights for gameplay. The slot may be used in Windows, Android, and iOS-based mobile devices without issue. You may adjust the parameters by looking below the reels. You have the option of betting on any of the available paylines, which range from one to thirty and are not set. The amount that may be wagered on each line ranges from 0.01 to 10 credits, with the total amount of money that can be wagered being from 0.01 to 300 credits. The number of wins and credits are shown in the second field. After that, you will notice a button labeled “replay,” a question mark, and a button labeled “speaker,” followed by buttons labeled “autoplay” and “spin.”

You may examine your most recent spin by pressing the playback button, and you can adjust the volume by pressing the speaker button. If you tap the button labeled “autospin,” the game will automatically spin for up to 25 times. Simply hitting the button labeled “Spin” will cause the reels to begin spinning. When you choose the question mark menu option, the paytable will become visible.

Features and Free Spins Can Be Found in City of Lights

The scatter icon is going to be the first one you see. This is the emblem that represents the Arc de Triomphe of Paris, which has a stunning chandelier in front of the structure. The symbol that represents the wild is the one that bears the name of the game. It awards you 10,000.00 for a combination of five of a kind. The next symbol is a female, and she awards you 2,000.00 points. The guy, the engagement ring, the glass of champagne, and the rose each award you a total of one thousand dollars for completing their highest combinations.

The high-paying symbols and the scatter in the City of Lights online slot game may split into two separate symbols, each of which can then operate as a scatter. This is the first thing you need to know about the game. Even though the wild cannot split, it will count as two symbols if it is used to create a winning combination by replacing a symbol that pays a higher prize.

There are two different methods to activate the free spins bonus round. In order to complete this challenge, you must either get three two-chandelier scatters or two two-chandelier scatters in addition to one one-chandelier scatter. You will get 12 free spins if you choose the first choice, and you will receive 6 free spins if you choose the second option. Only the middle three reels will have scatter symbols appear on them. During the free spins, the high-paying symbols appear on all of the reels, with the exception of the first one.

The maximum win, return to player percentage, and volatility of City of Lights

When you play the City of Lights slot machine from High 5 Games, you have the opportunity to win up to 300,000 credits! The game has a return to player percentage of 96 percent and has a modest level of volatility for players to experience.

The Verdict on City of Lights and Other Comparable Online Slots

You shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to play City of Lights if you’re seeking for a slot machine that offers generous prizes. A single winning combination that contains five wilds has the potential to pay up 100,000.00. Because you have the potential to win up to 12 free games, this means that if you hit a winning combination on each free game, you could end up with a total prize pool of $300,000.00! The slot machine has an appealing payoff potential, so you should surely give it a go if you come across it.

The fantasy-based slot game Captain Payback 2 revolves on a masked superhero and has the potential to provide you with the most incredible prizes. The maximum reward that is potentially available from the slot machine is 1,600 times the initial bet. The Bourbon Street Bash takes its name from a street in the United States of America. A single combination has the potential to pay out 100,000.00, but there is also the possibility of a 9x multiplier, which means the payout may potentially exceed 900,000.00. You can’t go wrong with any of these fantastic slot games—regardless of whatever one you choose, you won’t be let down!

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