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Hong Kong has been in the limelight for months, she first surprised the world by her peaceful demonstration, then shocked the world by the violence, from the police as well as protesters. When wearing black becomes a symbol of rebellious and functions of masks becomes common knowledge among young people, Kanas Liu chose to pick up her camera to record the enormous change in the society and made five documentary shorts to let the world know what has been happening in Hong Kong since June 2019. One of her shorts „Comrades“ entered Berlinale Generation2020, but she will bring the rest with her and show them on 25.2.2020 in O-Raum of Atelierhaus in Jewish Museum. The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with Theresia Enzensberger.

Entrance fee is not required, but donation of 3-8€ will be appreciated.

Language: In Cantonese with English and Chinese subtitles

About the director:
Kanas Liu is an independent documentary filmmaker in Hong Kong. She studied Cultural Studies at Lingnan University. After graduation, she has worked in various positions in media industries. She worked in local televisions, producing TV dramas. She has also worked in a local newspaper as reporter. Starting from 2014, Kanas started filming social movements and protests in Hong Kong. Two documentary films were produced in 2015-2016 about van drivers participating in the umbrella movement. In 2019, Kanas worked in filming the anti-extradition bill protest in Hong Kong. She produced five short documentary films including “Comrades”. She is still following this movement and will continue to produce documentary films.

————-Documentary Shorts by Kanas Liu————
“The Time of the Individual”
To say NO to the Extradition Bill (which is a mechanism for transferring fugitive to Mainland China), Hong Kong protester flooded the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui on July 7 2019. Youngsters use their “own ways” to deliver to mainland travellers the demand for democracy. This shows another peaceful side of the protest as not shown on traditional media.

“Trial and Error”
On 12 Aug, entering the 4th day of the mass protest at Hong Kong International Airport. Rumor about police’s violent crackdown circulated in the afternoon. The airport is surrounded by fear of white terror.

“Not One Less”, co-directed with Sam TSANG
The protests initiated by the „Extradition Bill“ has continued for more than 100 days. In this period, over 1000 citizens were arrested, a number of people committed suicide, and there are rumors that some protestors are missing. In the clash scene, protestors strive to protect their comrades from being alone. After the clash, they still care about their comrades in custody. On the mid-autumn festival night, they sang loudly outside the Lai Chi Kok reception centre, to let their comrades know that they were not abandoned.

“Be Water”
Police issued objection notice to the march protest organised by Civil Human Rights Front. The march eventually turns into a clash. Protestors flowed like water, disperse and re-assemble while contending the police.

Summary in Chinese written by 德國家書:

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