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The human rights issues in Hong Kong have deteriorated since the implementation of national security law. For this reason, a petition has been filed to the German Parliament and a hearing will be held on 25/1 noon. Concerning the human rights issues in China and in Hong Kong, a European version of Magnitsky act is passed, however, a few days later, an EU-China comprehensive agreement on investment is announced which gives many a headache, especially Biden administration.
Glacier Kwong and Alexander Görlach will talk about the hearing and possible Transatlantic and European policies on China.
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About the guest:
Alexander Görlach is a senior fellow at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs and a Research Associate to the Internet Institute at Oxford University. Prior to this he was a fellow and visiting scholar to both Harvard and Cambridge University. His recent books are “Focus Hong Kong – why the future of the free world will be decided in China” and “Homo Empathicus – On Scapegoats, Populists and How to Save Democracy”.
Glacier Kwong is a political and digital rights activist born and raised in Hong Kong. She is now a research fellow at HKDC and pursuing her PhD in Law in the University of Hamburg, her researches focus on data protection, surveillance in Hong Kong and China. She has been an active political activist in Hong Kong since 2012. She is now regularly writing for Apple Daily in Hong Kong, and Welt am Sonntag in Germany as a columnist.

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