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By introducing the “National Security Law” for Hong Kong, the Chinese government is breaking international law – and spreading injustice to Hong Kong. Similar laws are used in Mainland China to persecute religious minorities, human rights activists, journalists and regime critics.
We are urging the German Bundestag to sanction individuals threatening freedom and adopt countermeasures in response to the legislation.

Since 1 July 2020, Hong Kong has been subject to the “National Security Law” imposed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) without the participation of the Hong Kong Legislative Council. The CCP has therefore violated the Sino-British Joint Declaration on Hong Kong and international law.

China has suppressed dissenting voices for decades with similar laws. Many human rights activists have been forced to confess under torture and detained for more than 10 years for “undermining state authority”.

Thus, the new law puts everyone in Hong Kong under similar threat: The secret police, feared in mainland China, now operate legally in Hong Kong; Hong Kong’s Beijing-loyal government appoints judges hearing cases related to “national security”, and the Chinese leadership can revise all the sentences. Under the new law, people may face life imprisonment or trials in Mainland China.

Germans in Hong Kong may become victims of political persecution: If they have publicly supported Hong Kong’s democracy movement, they might be prosecuted for  “separatism”, “subversion of state power” or “terrorism”. In short, some 700 German companies and 4,000 German nationals in Hong Kong will no longer be safe if they voice criticism of the CCP anywhere around the globe.

The German Bundestag should, therefore:

1. implement entry bans, asset freezes or other sanctions on persons who break international law in China, commit human rights crimes in China or work as decision-makers in banks that cooperate with the aforementioned persons;

2. call upon the German Government to sue China in the International Court of Justice for violating international law;

3. call upon the German Government, as a member of the UN Security Council, to convene meetings on Hong Kong in accordance with the “Arria formula”;

4. call on the German Government to urge the relevant UN institutions to appoint a special envoy on Hong Kong;

5. call on the German Government to support the cancellation of the EU-China Summit and to publicly state the reason for this as being the “National Security Law”;

6. adopt stricter export controls over dual-use goods to prevent abuse by Hong Kong security authorities;

7. call on the German Government to advise German citizens against travelling to Hong Kong and provide security information due to the threat posed to German citizens by the “National Security Law”;

8. call on the German Government to terminate the 2006 bilateral agreements on mutual legal assistance between Germany and Hong Kong;

9. call on the German Government to summon the Chinese Ambassador to Germany whenever China violates international law.

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