Timeline of the Hong Kong Protests

(so far…)

June 9 ’19

Protests fist start against the backdrop of a proposed bill which would allow extraditions into the mainland where subjects were under PRC ‘law’.

June 12 ’19

The HK police inappropriately exerts extreme force by using tear gas against peaceful protesters

June 16 ’19

About 2 million Hong Kongers take to the streets, making this the biggest protest in the history of Hong Kong

July 1 ’19

On the 22nd anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong to the PRC, protesters occupy the legislative council

July 21 ’19

In a shameful twist of events, white-clad triads assault ordinary Hong Kongers in Yuen Long, without any warning while the police are either nowhere to be seen or seen cracking jokes with the triads. It takes the police force almost an hour to arrive at the scene

August 5 ’19

Various economic strikes

August 11 ’19

Police uses tear gas the Kwai Chung underground MTR station. An extremely dangerous and reckless act which was widely condemned around the world.

August 13 ’19

Hong Kongers peacefully occupy the Lantau Airport in a bid to call for attention on their protests and to warn visitors to HK about the unbound police force.

August 18 ’19

About 1.7 million Hong Kongers take to the streets again despite a tropic rain storm

August 31 ’19

The out-of-control police indiscriminately attacks civilians at the Prince Edward MTR-Station using battons and pepper spray. Another act which was widely condemned around the world

September 1 ’19

Students HK-wide join hands in a peaceful school strike

October 1 ’19

A policeman shoots at an 11th grader point-blank using live ammunition. The 11th grader survived despite his critical condition

October 4 ’19

HK’s Chief Executive (equivalent to President), Carrie Lam uses an emergency law provision from colonial times in order to ban face maks in public. A move that was intendet to suffocate the HK protests but was instead met with more outrage from the populous

October 20 ’19

During the use of a special water cannon which uses blue dye in order for police to easily identify protesters, the police deliberately hit a mosque with the blue dye

November 8 ’19

Alex Chow becomes the protests’ movements first martyr under suspicious circumstances. While fleeing from the police, Alex fell from a parking house and sustained injuries from which he would later succumb

November 11 ’19

A policeman again shoots a young protester using live ammunition in point blank range

November 12 ’19

The police besiege the Chinese Univeristy HK, where students have barricaded themselves

November 17 ’19

The police surround the protesters which have barricaded themselves in the PolyU

November 18 ’19

HK’s High Court declares the ban on face-masks to be unconstitutional

June 30 ’20

National Security Law comes into effect

January 06 ’21

Massive Hong Kong Police Arrest of 55 Political Activists