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We are recruiting a research team and translation team for the website. The research team will be focusing on researching the influence of China in Germany and Europe. Contact us if you are interested.


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Despite the extensive attention we seem to get from internationally community, there are many people from the world who still don’t know much about the anti-extradition bill protests, water revolution or Summer of discontent, whatever you call it. People should have heard of the names or there’s a huge demonstration going on in Hong Kong, but talking about the reasons behind and the consequences of losing this fight. To many of them, it is also confusing why are we still protesting after the Hong Kong government announced the withdrawal of the bill. You could reach more people than all of us,

At the same time, the situation in Hong Kong has been changing drastically every day. We need different kinds of support in different stages.


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Hongkongers in Germany have been constantly organising events to support the protests in Hong Kong and raise the awareness to the big threat to human rights rising in the East. Keep up with our updates, join our campaigns to let german government hear our voices.

You could make a much bigger impact on the situation in Hong Kong than you could ever imagine.